heart warming

A little known fact about me is that I’m a large man (some might say “Viking” sized).  However, I’m often cold. Which is odd because you’d think my rage would keep me warm (it doesn’t).  I also have a dirty, rotten, blanket stealing wife…

I know I have to get moving on my third and final baby blanket, but I found myself thinking, “To hell with the little babies, I need something for myself!”

I’ve been setting aside older, ill-fitting t-shirts that I don’t wear, but can’t get rid of for a while now. And I don’t really need any more shirts (the ABC shirt just had too perfect of a logo for sewing).  Solution? T-shirt blanket. BOOM.

This was certainly no masterpiece.  I picked up a 10″x14″ (pre-cut) piece of acrylic at Home Depot and used it to cut all the designs out of my t-shirts.  I then stitched them (a double layer of the design and back of shirt for a blanket 2 layers of fabric thick) together with a stretch-stitch and called it a day (almost a day – I also cut strips out of the scraps to make the blanket longer – it’s about 80″Lx44″W).



I put this together pretty fast – basically as fast as my machine would go;)  It’s not perfect, but it is sturdy, and INCREDIBLY timely.  Not 8 hours after I finished this I found myself loosing a tug-of-war with my sleeping wife over the blankets.  No problem!  I busted out my new blanket. BOOM BABY.

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