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towel interlude

**I actually made this project before the “Academy” quilt, but never got around to typing anything up – enjoy**

Contrary to popular belief, I have a few friends.  Or at least my wife does.  Some of them have babies, and some of them buy houses.  In addition to some booze, I suggested to my wife that some custom dish towels might make a nice, useful house warming gift (I had just read an online tutorial about them!).  So off to Joann’s we went and the wife picked out some fabric she felt would appeal to our friends.

fabric selection
fabric selection by the wife.

Turns out terrycloth sheds like a bitch! (and by “bitch” I of course mean the horrible little furry piss-monkey of a dog that I love quite fiercely but who sheds constantly) But aside from that it was a very straight forward project. Cut this, cut that, sew this, turn inside out, iron, repeat.  Check out the tutorial for REAL instructions – I thought it was well done.

finished towel
finished towel ready for filth

I put a ribbon on the towels and off we went to a house warming party.  There’s nothing quite like knowing the project you put your time and effort into is going to end up a filthy rag;)

dirty pillows

dirty couch pillows are a serious concern of mine. I know for a fact the dog drools on them, and I suspect she’s not the only one (cough*wife*cough cough).  So I decided to make pillow covers for some pre-made 16’x16″ unfinished pillows I bought at Joann Fabrics…

I still have oodles of fleece left, and some ideas kicking around, and I came up with these yellow on yellow bubble minky pillow covers.  they are very similar, so they match on the couch, but unique so I don’t get bored…

The first is just alternating stripes of fleece/minky with 3 buttons and a flap:

pillow #1 - stripes
pillow #1 – stripes
back of strips #1
back of strips #1

pillow #2 came about a week later and I played with using more scraps and trying some free-hand quilting of the fleece.

piecing scraps together
piecing scraps together

I think I over sew.  I kind of do a double stitch. these pillows will never come apart…

pillow #2 free hand quilting
pillow #2 free hand quilting
pillow #2 - buttons with the flap less flappy
pillow #2 – buttons with the flap less flappy

I consider these a success! and the dog thinks they are adequate.

dog tested, dog approved
dog tested, dog approved